Kristinestads vapen
Kristinestad 1751/1895

Painting by Reinhold Weckström emanating from the land surveyor Johan Bergentin's detailed map of Kristinestad in 1751In English
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The wooden town

350 years

Photos © Olle Haavisto

Norrstaden vid kvarnen

1.Sight from the "North town" by the windmill

Norrfjärden Tjöck å flygfoto

2. "Norrfjärden"   Photo: C-A Lundberg




Aerial view Zoom

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Wolf Cave Varggrottan Susiluola

4. The City Hall neighbourhood and the old church "Ulrika Eleonora"


Kristinestad karta Salutorget

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Kristinestad was founded in 1649 on the island Koppö by the Swedish Count Per Brahe . The city got its name from Queen Christina.
The "East side" is connected to the downtown by the 150 years old stone bridge. The bridge divides the sea bay into the north "Norrfjärden", the mouth of the Tjöck River - which since 1998 is a nature reserve - and the south "Stadsfjärden".

5. The Market Square "Salutorget" and the street  Östra Långgatan

(Photo below) Summer Market 1985

One of the best preserved wooden towns in Fenno - Scandinavia
Rådhuset och Gamla kyrkan

Ulrika Eleonora kyrkan

The old Ulrika Eleonora Church

Kristinestads marknad


Map - Karta - KarttaSatellite map karta kartta Region

Map Karta Kartta City




The City Hall square

Torgdag 1894

The Market square in 1894


Lebellska köpmansgården

7. The Merchant House Lebell - a merchant house from the early 1700's which is a museum


6. "Kattpiskargränden" one of Finland's narrowest lanes


8. "Stadsfjärden" autumn 1895

              Photo: Ina Roos

ALMA model of a wooden barque

ca 1895 ångbåtskajen

9. The Steamer's pier circa 1895 Steamships Norden and Hebe

The Steamer's pier 1890's s/s "Norra Finland"

s/s "Norden"


Kvarnen, Kappmåttet



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Kristinestad lokal-tv
Kristinestad local television

Ostrobothnian odysseys

Ostrobothnian odysseys

Sydbottniska fönster - Suupohjalaisia ikkunoita - Windows of Southern Ostrobothnia
Satellite Map of the Kristinestad area and Western Finland

Virtual tour across the region of Kristinestad in Southern Ostrobothnia on the west coast of Finland. Among the contents: history of shipbuilding and seafaring, local museums, the old wooden town of Kristinestad, the Susiluola (Wolf Cave) on the Bötombergen hills inhabited by Neandertal people more than 100 000 years ago


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Ångbåtskajen Söderfjärden Lebellska köpmansgården Kattpiskargränden Norrfjärden och Tegelbruksbacken Salutorget Rådhuset och  gamla kyrkan Norrstaden med kvarnen