Salutorget ca 1885

ca 1885

The market square "Salutorget" and the street "Östra Långgatan" (to the right) in Kristinestad, Finland ca 1885. The white building is a warehouse where one could buy anything from gunpowder, wine and Swedish punch to gold and silver.

The first three town halls of Kristinestad stood in front of this building which was demolished in 1967.

The building along the street "Östra Långgatan" was demolished in the late 1890s.

The Finnish steamship company "Finska Ångfartygs Aktiebolaget", which was established in 1883, had its local office here. One of the first steps of the company had been to put two steamers into regular traffic with Hull in England as destination. In December 1894 the company began to sell tickets to three continents as displayed below.



Östra Långgatan

ca 1908

This photo was taken slightly more than twenty years later. One can buy tickets to the continents Africa, America and Australia as announced at the corner of the store house.

Från Kristinestad
till HANGÖ och

The Emigration office of the Finnish steamship company "FÅA" has moved into the newly built house behind the warehouse.

Photos by courtesy of Olle Haavisto.




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