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Findings from the Fullerton Genealogy Study

A Master's Thesis Project by Pamela J. Drake

"... According to some sources, genealogy is the number one hobby in the United States. Indeed, the percent of U.S. population interested in family history has increased from 45% in 1996 to 60% in 2000 according to a recent national telephone survey. "

Ghost Town Rhyolite

Her name, address and websites are: Suzy McCoy "Suzy McCoy" P.O. Box 27, Beatty, NV 89003 Visit me at

Suzy McCoy is an historian and a caretaker of the Ghost Town Rhyolite. She has been researching Rhyolite for four years, studying the history of the people who lived there and trying to bring the place back to life with stories of what it was like living and working there. Old foundations have been found and tagged, to be identified later. A display will be set up to help visitors understand that Rhyolite was not all miners and dirt. She plans to review old newspapers, tax records, documents, etc. The data will be put into a database and posted on the Rhyolite website and if anyone sends her names and dates, she will do some research and share whatever information she finds. Suzy said there were a lot of Finnish and Swedish miners in Rhyolite 100 years ago, and she would welcome any information about them, including pictures. I have already submitted pictures and some data about my father's cousin from Finland who was a miner in Rhyolite. He was known as one of the fastest drillers in the west around 1906. -June Pelo 3/12 2002

Genealogy goes beyond all those 'begats' A wave of genealogical interest sees novice historians digging for their roots - and publishing the results By Mary Wiltenburg | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Finnish genealogy project Caino-Torp progress report by June Pelo Dec 2, 2001

Note added 5/3 2002: The book is now available

Map of Keski-Pohjanmaa/Mellersta Österbotten

Preprints in Swedish:

 Marjatta Pulkkinen: Caino och Torp i Vetil
 Pentti Virrankoski: Huvuddragen i Österbottens äldre bosättningshistoria
 Ragnar Mannil: Grels Caino och Olof Olofsson Torp.
Historien om två bönder i Vetil och deras sentida ättlingars sökande efter rötterna

In 1993, on the initiative of Ragnar Mannil and the late Helge Smedjebacka, a project was started to present the oldest generations of the two ancient families of Caino (Kainu) and Torp (Torppa). The home of both families is in Veteli, about thirty miles southeast of the town of Kokkola (Gamlakarleby). Today the descendants of the families - both Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking - live mostly in the valleys of the Vetelinjoki and Kronoby rivers (in Keski-Pohjanmaa/Mellersta Österbotten), but many also live in Sweden and in America. At the first general meeting in 1993 a committee was appointed with Helge Smedjebacka as chairman. It was common knowledge that a lot of research had already been done in the matter but there was also a lot of controversy as to the origin of the two families and their relationship to each other. Since a lot of research had already been done, it was thought that compilation and publication of the material would be "a piece of cake". Unfortunately this turned out to be an illusion and what was first thought to take a couple of years to produce a book of about 200 pages, has now been going on for 8 years and the book will probably be close to 700 pages. As the material tended to expand too much, the committe decided that it would only include families whose children were born not later than the year 1799. Nevertheless the material comprises close to 3,000 families. It was the intention of the committee to finish the book and get it published during the spring of 2001 - or at least in the course of the year 2001. But due to changes and other delays, publication is now expected during the spring of year 2002. There will probably be a Swedish and a Finnish edition, and perhaps an English edition which would contain only articles about the families. Those interested in getting a copy of the book may contact the secretary of the committee Jan-Erik Nygren. ( No price has yet been determined for the book.

Web surfers crowd onto Ellis Island site by Gwendolyn Mariano CNET An Ellis Island site that lets people dig into their ancestry via the Web has taken root, with the site recording 1.5 billion hits in its first six months.

The Finnish Historical Newspaper Library 1771 -1860 Helsinki University Library is digitising all newspapers published in Finland 1771-1860 and they are now available on this database. The Newspaper Library will contain 44 titles and 90 000 pages

The Genealogical Society of Finland has set up an Identified Emigrant Register for computer users at:

The Identified Emigrants Database lists individuals who have emigrated from Finland to overseas countries, and Russia. The purpose of the database is to help researchers find emigrants, and to avoid duplicate research when an emigrant has already been identified by another researcher.

Data about emigrants leaving Finland needs to be included as well as data concerning their destination country. Visitors to the site are encouraged to send information about emigrants from their own research, from books, etc.

Following information is needed for every record:

given name(s)
family name(s)
full date of birth
place of birth in Finland
full date of death
place of death in the United States, Canada, Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand or Russia (or the Soviet Union) including state, province or territory
source of information
name and e-mail address of submitter of the data

Data is posted using an easy-to-use form. New entries will be visible after the administrator has approved the data. Please post the data for each individual only once.

Note! There are several records in the database with information from obituaries. They will soon be moved to a new Obituary Database which is under construction.

The Identified Emigrants Database is in test use. A search for birth and death places as well as time limits for births and deaths will be added later. Comments, suggestions, and error reports may be sent to JP 10/16 2001

Searching Family Genealogy Online An interview with Elizabeth Powell Crowe, author of the book, Genealogy Online. The Washington Post, August 8, 2001.

Taking the Offensive Against E-mails Containing Viruses 8/2/2001 Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens, CGRS, CGL

Last Thursday, I experienced a malicious attack on my e-mail account by unknown perpetrators. When I logged on in the morning, my anti-virus program, Symantec's Norton AntiVirus 2000, began alerting on incoming e-mails. The first alert screen asked how I wanted to handle the detected virus. The choices were to repair the problem, delete it, or quarantine it. When I selected repair it, the next screen usually indicated that the program couldn't repair the file and asked me if I wanted to quarantine it. When I said OK, I got a third screen that said that the file had been quarantined. I received more than three hundred e-mails on Thursday that contained viruses and I had to click on three screens for each one. This overwhelmed my computer system and it crashed twice in the process. Note: Mac and Linux users need not send me e-mails about the virtues of their systems over the one I use. I realize the limitations of Windows-based PCs and choose to stay with my current system...

Scandinavia Records on LDS Disks Tuesday, July 31, 2001 BY BOB MIMS THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

The LDS Church's release of millions of Scandinavian records on CD-ROM is being hailed as a major new reference tool for genealogists seeking to peel away the mystery of their Old World roots. The eight-disk Vital Records Index for Scandinavia contains 4.5 million records -- 3.5 million culled from birth and christening documents and 1 million from marriage certificates recorded in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Doctor sorts pieces of a troubling ethnic puzzle July 10, 2001 BY PATRICIA ANSTETT FREE PRESS MEDICAL WRITER

Her maiden name was Johnson. She was of Swede-Finn descent. And she had an eye disease, Schnyder's Dystrophy, that causes clouding in the cornea, the curved front of the eye. Dr. Jayne Weiss did not think much about the woman's name or ethnicity until she saw another patient a year later in 1988. She also had Schnyder's Dystrophy. She, too, was Swede-Finn. And her name was Johnson. Six months later, a young doctor called Weiss to consult about a patient he had examined for Schnyder's Dystrophy. Weiss immediately asked the patient: Is your last name Johnson and are you Swede-Finn? "How did you know?" Weiss says the patient asked in amazement. "Because you have Schnyder's Dystrophy," she recalls responding. Jayne Weiss knew she was onto something...

The emigrant ship is to departure












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7 tintypes (ca 8.7 x 6.5 cm) Studio photographs from Worcester, Massachusetts (??). The persons might be immigrants from Närpes, Finland. In which decade are the photographs taken? Collection of May-Gret Holmberg.



Two women






Three men


Two women


Two men in car



























Can anyone identify the steamship? Here on the cover of a forthcoming book by Art Jura. The photo was taken by Charles Uno Nordlund ca 1893, obviously in Kristinestad, Finland and is owned by Olle Haavisto. SS 8/2/2001


Detail of a photo of the "Norra Finland" taken in Kristinestad after 1897. There is a very good resemblance of the steamships in the two photos, though the photos could be taken from opposite sides of the "Norra Finland". SS 8/5/2001




Marcelino Jané


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Emigrant tracking



The steamship ARCTURUS

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